Sunday, 26 April 2015

the changing character of the studio

If, like me, you spend far too many hours in your studio then it becomes more than just a place of work.  And, if like me, you make/design/collect for a living then your surroundings will be that of a happy place.  
Every flat wall, every corner, holds so many memories.  

I take a lot of photographs of the studio to document its changing faces...Every few months it changes in character and in appearance and purpose.  This suits me.  I am not too good at routine, similarity from day to day is not my ideal, rooms have to change in layout, hoardings come and go, and furniture dances around the house in turn, particularly as a new piece arrives through the door.  

I suppose it it why I have adapted to working from home so well and have a family, that either don't mind, or, have become so used to my ways that they now do not even notice......

Friday, 24 April 2015

flower beds

I love how Spring brings a sense of calm to me...the new, the looking forward, the uncertainty of the journey of the year, notebooks and sketchbooks filled with new ideas nurtured during the colder months start to hatch, and colour.  The colour in my work, the colour in my house, the sea being blue not grey, the woods brimming with glittering fresh green, and generally the lovely natural light shines through the windows and makes this colour rich studio come even more alive.

Every spring I like to make my flower bed brooches.  I only make a series of them at one time.....each one a one-off creation....sewn at leisure, stitched with love.  Perfect for adorning your Summer cardigan or pinning to a ribbon around a vase....all arriving in the shop next week.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

a travelling.....

...well I was hoping this week was going to be kind to me in time and go a little bit slower...but my feet are in Tuesday already and goodness knows what happened to Monday...
I am just about to pack for my trip to London ready for the Maker Spaces book launch...
lots of new pretty haberdashery pieces made to take with me.

I am so looking forward to the running of this Pop-up Maker's Selling Space.  Normally you are given a narrow 6ft table with two inches between you and the next person....but not this time... as it is being held at the department store, West Elm, in London they are marvellously allocating a space, within the shop, to each of us, so our stock marries together with their normal day to day fineries.  I know!!!, wonderful isn't it.... so all I can do is pack my suitcase and not think about display until I get there as not too sure of size and space in detail....but in a way that adds to the creativity and that is exactly what the day is about.
I will also be taking my sewing needles and thread and will be sat making 
floral ribbons and brooches on the day too.

So if you are free on Thursday an fancy a trip into London - do pop in and see all of us and you can purchase a signed copy of Maker Spaces from Emily too.....

Thursday 16th April
and then a little soiree from
Would be lovely to see you there......

Here is how the packing table looks this morning......

Sunday, 12 April 2015

postcard - easter holidays at clumber park

Firstly, I had to sneak this image in from my Instagram journal.
Every year we receive a hand drawn egg from Grandad to roll at easter 
- pretty cool Grandad isn't he?!!


When ever we can we grab collections of days to escape away in our little touring caravan - we cherish this tin tent of ours.  This holiday we went to the pretty estate of Clumber Park owned by The National Trust in Nottinghamshire... endless wooded walks of birch wood and fir.  Cycle rides - we hired a tandem - certainly tests the marriage!! We are now all slightly sun-kissed from the weather being kind... Relaxed and beautifully chilled and ready to start the next series of working are our postcards.....

 and obviously a trip to see the big oak of Sherwood.....