Monday, 20 July 2015 plantings in the beds of The Linen Garden

There have been lots of pretties that have been waiting in line to have their turn to feature in the shop and now these handsome lot are now lined, all proud and neat, and in their appropriate shelves in The Linen Garden..... here is a little glimpse and glimmer....

Saturday, 27 June 2015

gathering and listening

...I have so many reasons why I 'need' flowers in the house, no matter the season.
They are settling.
Not only do they make a room visually change but they can change the feeling of a room....change the scent. Differing changes in appearance through the dancing light of the day is always such a pleasure to watch and a treasure to have.
A diary of sensations.
Alone as a statement of loss/love/happiness/friendship or 'just because'.
-or- cuddled up in bunched company, comforting, snug, wholesome delight.

This week the flowers picked from the garden and flowers bought are to get me from a to b.  I need this week to go the other side will be the arrival home of Mr H. who has been away for over 5 weeks...away too long.  So when this mix of delicate and sculptured flowers start to fade

I will have my best friend home.

Has there been a reason/a story behind your floral snippets this week?

...and somewhere in the background I am listening to....